Chartered October 23, 1923
"Passion to Excel !"

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Lions Roar
February 2019


Dear Fellow Lions, 



January Happenings:

    Our monthly board meeting was held Thursday, January 10th, at Jimmy’s.

   January 16th, a state convention meeting was held at the Grotto Pizzeria in Edwardsville, PA.

         Our monthly social meeting was held at The Pines restaurant on January 24th.  

In lieu of a speaker, the club members attending participated in Trivia Night at the Pines. One of our teams won 2nd prize:  Lions Andy, Jerry, Jamie and Chris.  It was a fun filled evening.


February Happenings:

Sunday February 3:  A VALOR Stand Down was held at the old Ollie’s parking lot in Hazleton, PA.  President Linnea and Lion Judy attended.


Thursday February 14:  Our monthly board meeting will be held at Jimmy's at 6pm. All members are encouraged to attend.


Thursday February 28: Our monthly social meeting will be held at The Pines restaurant, 8 West Broad Street, Hazleton, PA, on the second floor in a private room.

Our speaker will be Miss Faberge from Faberge Follies Performing Arts and Dance Studio.



Remember: Its great to BE a Lion!

President Linnea



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